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5 reasons why being an only child actually sucks


Hello everyone. I’m on a roll these days, aren’t I? I’m sure you’re all loving me for being such an active blogger. Me? I’m hating myself cause I should be studying but everything is more interesting than my notebook.

Anywaays, I’m here today to present you my view of the world as an only child. Many people – actually, 99% of people I know have either a brother or a sister or both – think that being an only child is a complete lush. Reality is, it’s not. And here’s why.

  1. Loneliness.

As a child, you hear your sibling equipped friends talking about how much fun they have in the afternoon, after school, when they get to spend so much time with their brother or sister at home when YOU have to spend all afternoon either locked in your room with a bunch of soulless Barbies or with your…

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